IIHR is home to the experts in hydraulic modeling.
Let us help solve your fluids-related challenges.

We’ve been supporting research at one of the world’s leading hydraulics labs,
IIHR—Hydroscience & Engineering at the University of Iowa, for almost a century.

Core Strengths

IIHR is known around the world for its remarkable combination of practical experience
and in-house modeling expertise (physical and computational) as well as field data collection.

IIHR Director Larry Weber with a physical model of a dam.

Physical Modeling

Computational Modeling

IIHR staff member in a boat collecting bathymetry data.

Fieldwork and Data Collection

Industries We Serve

IIHR works for a wide range of industries, with exceptional strength in the areas of
energy (hydroelectric dams and wind energy) and municipal water systems (sewer and stormwater conveyance).

Renewable Energy:

Hydroelectric dams and wind energy

Municipal Water Systems:

Sewer and stormwater conveyance

Featured Projects

Physical Models

Computational Models