IIHR shop personnel designed and constructed this precision research wind tunnel.

Our Services

IIHR staff are proficient in many areas, with wide-ranging experience and the flexibility to rapidly adapt to our clients’ changing needs and tight deadlines.

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Computational Modeling

IIHR researchers use simulation-based design — a sort of virtual reality, supported by model-scale experiments — to develop efficient new ways to design and test engineering designs and prototypes. This combination of computer simulation and experimental modeling is on the cutting edge of hydraulic research.

IIHR Director of Engineering Services Troy Lyons with a model dropshaft.

Physical Modeling

Physical hydraulic modeling is a core strength of our team, perfected through decades of experience developing innovative designs and supporting applied hydraulic research. By working closely with our clients throughout the process, we can often save time and money while delivering excellent results.

IIHR staff member conducting fieldwork in a floodplain.


IIHR maintains and operates field equipment, including research vessels with instruments to measure river flow rates, velocities, depths, and water quality.

Other capabilities include:

  • Single-beam and multi-beam bathymetric surveys
  • Sediment sampling and coring with an onboard drilling rig
  • Large-scale particle image velocimetry (LSPIV)
  • Development and deployment of flood-related instrumentation
IIHR shop staff welding

Construction and Fabrication

We have facilities to support construction of several large warehouse-sized models, including major hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest. For large construction projects, we maintain a broad assortment of mechanized equipment, including skid loaders, dump trailers, tilt-bed trucks, and an industrial forklifts.

Electronics and Instrumentation

IIHR staff construct, calibrate, and care for data-acquisition equipment and systems for a broad range of model and field research. Customized instruments are available to measure a variety of fluid-flow parameters.

Flume design and construction

Flume Design

Flume design and construction is a historic strength at IIHR. We operate several flumes that were designed and constructed in-house. In addition, our staff have the skills to design and construct custom flumes to meet client needs. Our team has also built and installed a number of flumes around the country.

IIHR drafter Jason Knox working with 3D modeling software.

Design & Drafting

IIHR staff have extensive expertise in design and drafting, including:

  • Laboratory models
  • Instrumentation
  • Experiments
  • 3-D computational grids