Industries We Serve

IIHR works for a wide range of industries, with exceptional strength in the areas of energy (hydroelectric dams and wind energy), municipal water systems (sewer and stormwater conveyance), and wastewater conveyance.

IIHR has been a pioneer in the development of dropshafts and fish passage systems at hydroelectric dams.

Four men standing beside IIHR's physical model of the Cardinal Power Plant forebay.

Troy Lyons (left) with team members Professor Jacob Odgaard, Ali Reza Firoozfar, and Andy Craig.

Energy Industry:

Hydroelectric Energy Industry:

IIHR has decades of experience working with the energy industry, especially hydropower and wind.

Other Renewable Energy Industries:

We can put both physical and computational modeling to work—as well as field data collection—for energy industry clients. Our expertise includes design and testing of fish passage systems, mitigation of sediment deposition, temperature studies, total dissolved gas, and more.

Stormwater Conveyance:

A close-up view of water flowing through a dropshaft.Our clients include some of the world’s largest cities—London, New York, Washington, D.C., and Abu Dhabi, among others.

IIHR’s laboratory modeling expertise puts us at the forefront of research on deep tunnels and related hydraulic structures. Our physical modeling accurately simulates the movement of water and air through the interception chambers, dropshafts, and orifices of the tunnel system. Physical modeling can also be used to verify computational modeling.