Hydraulics Model Annex

Exterior photo of IIHR's Model Annex.

The Hydraulics Model Annex (HMA), built in 1982, houses IIHR’s Mechanical Shop. Shop personnel construct the physical models used in much of IIHR’s research and maintain all other research-related facilities. A Sediment Laboratory, three research flumes, office space for mechanical shop personnel, and Fluids Teaching Laboratory equipment are also located here.

However, the majority of the space remains available for a constantly changing array of short-term small- and medium-sized hydraulic models for both applied and fundamental research projects. These models are continuously being built, utilized, and torn down here.

Specialized laboratories and equipment:

  • Sediment Laboratory
  • Mechanical Shop (includes a welding facility, carpentry shop, EA Machine Shop and EA carpentry area)
  • Tilting flume (high-gradient sediment flume)
  • Kennedy flume (low-gradient sediment flume with integrated wind tunnel)
  • Two-foot flume (fixed-gradient flume with low turbulence characteristics
  • 125,000-gallon underground sump