Construction & Fabrication

We have facilities to support construction of several large warehouse-sized models, including major hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest. For large construction projects, we maintain a broad assortment of mechanized equipment, including skid loaders, dump trailers, tilt-bed trucks, and an industrial forklift.

Our extensive facilities (including machine shop), resources, precision fabrication skills, and craftsmanship mean we can rapidly and efficiently take on client projects.

IIHR shop staff construct the Cardinal model, recreating the bathymetry of the riverbed.IIHR has a long tradition of success in experimental laboratory studies. A crucial factor in this success has been and continues to be the well-equipped Mechanical Shop and its dedicated, highly-competent technical staff.

The IIHR team specializes in highly accurate craftsmanship in:

  • Transparent acrylic
  • Transparent polycarbonate
  • White high-density polyethylene
  • Gray polyvinyl chloride
  • Aluminum (all types)
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Black steel, and
  • High-density overlay marine-grade plywood

The IIHR team has at its disposal:

  • Fully-equipped machine shop (mills, lathes, band saws, drill presses)
  • Two hot-work booths (MIG, TIG, brazing)
  • Two carpentry areas (industrial table saws, routers, jointer, planer, miter saws, band saws)
  • Commercial-grade airless paint and body work area
  • Sheet metal area (48″ shears, brake, and roller), and
  • Storage for recycling instrumentation and equipment.

Our Electronics Shop is staffed by three full-time engineers who assist researchers in the selection, use, calibration, and care of data-acquisition equipment and systems for a broad range of model and field research. Several levels of instruments to measure a variety of fluid-flow parameters are available.

The IIHR team also has access to rapid prototyping, CNC mills/lathes, and thermoformed plastic beds for complex geometry fabrication.

Another area of specialization at IIHR is the fabrication of precision instrumentation and detailed scale replicas of hydraulic structures, as well as laboratory flumes.

We have constructed several large warehouse-sized models, including a 50x33x1.4-meter replica of the Columbia River gorge including the Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams. For large construction projects as well as field activities, IES maintains a broad assortment of mechanized equipment, including skid loaders, dump trailers, tilt-bed trucks, and an industrial forklifts.