Dropshafts and Stormwater Conveyance Systems

Researchers at IIHR are among the world’s leaders when it comes to modeling and design of sewer and stormwater conveyance systems. Many of the world’s largest cities have turned to IIHR for expertise in this area, including London, Abu Dhabi, and St. Louis.

IIHR has extensive experience constructing physical models that help solve water issues, including the reduction of air in sewer systems with underground tunnels. A build-up of air in the tunnel can cause geysers that blow manhole covers into the sky—a rare but dangerous situation.

Services Available

Dropshafts are just one aspect of the complex networks that transfer sewage and stormwater for many large cities to the tunnels and onwards for treatment before it is eventually released. Each structure is unique and presents its own design difficulties. Our staff can provide engineering and design expertise, as well as precision physical and computational modeling of:

  • Tunnels
  • Conduits
  • Interception chambers
  • Storage chambers
  • De-aeration structures