Stanley Hydraulics Lab

Viewed from across the Iowa River, the Stanley Hydraulics Lab is an impressive building.

The C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory (SHL) is IIHR’s flagship facility and its intellectual and administrative hub. Located on the University of Iowa’s central campus, many IIHR researchers, staff members, visiting researchers, and students have offices in SHL. Fluid Dynamics office space is primarily on second floor, Environmental Hydraulics is primarily on third, and Hydrometeorology is on the fifth floor. The Iowa Flood Center has offices and staff on second and fifth floors.

Specialized initiatives, resources, and equipment in SHL:

Other research equipment was removed in 2000, when SHL underwent extensive remodeling. At that time, SHL’s function was transformed, but its original wet-laboratory character was maintained.

This historic structure, completed in 1932, received a Water Landmark Award in 2000, from American Water Works Association. It was also named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 2005 by the American Society of Civil Engineers because of the breadth, duration, and significance of the research and education performed here. The building’s architecture is handsome and functional, with elements of neo-Romanesque and Art Moderne style.